• Lead Filter 0.5 Micron x 2½'' x 10'' inch

No.1 Lead Water Filter 2½'' x 10'' inches 0.5 Micron

Aquasoft's powerful Solid block Lead Water Filter protects against Lead, Chlorine, fine sediment, VOC's, Toxoplasma, Giardia, Entamoeba and cryptosporidium.

Perfect for campers and RV units; can also be easily installed in standard 10-inch filter housings. Lead filters are an effective way of removing volatile compounds like lead from drinking water for safer and better tasting water.

Fits Aquasoft P-10 Lead, Chlorine & Fluoride Filter System

Any water filtration application using a 10-inch housings

Filters down to 0.5 microns

NSF certified: Chlorine reduction> 97% (NSF 42)

Effective Lead Filtering at max 2,400 gallons of water| Effective Chlorine filtering at max 20,000 Gallons at 1 GPM Flow rate.
*not performance tested by nsf

The recommended filter change is every six months*.
*Note: Filter life may vary based on local water conditions or use patterns.

Product dimensions:
2½'' x 10'' inch

Temperature range:
40-165 (4.4-73.8C)

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Lead Filter 0.5 Micron x 2½'' x 10'' inch

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