Mineral Water Filters

Mineral Water Filters increase the pH or alkalinity of your water by introducing trace elements like Quartz, Sandstone and Limestone to improve mineral content and very acidic drinking water after Reverse Osmosis Filtration or in area's of peaty and acidic drinking water.

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Aquasoft Ireland is the leading Distributor of Mineral Water Filtration Products.

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Magnesium Mineral Water Filter

Magnesium Mineral Water Filter

Magnesium, Calcium pH Alkalizing re-mineralization Filter 10''inch CartridgeMagnesium pH Alkalizing ..


pH Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis Mineral Filter

pH Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis Mineral Filter

pH Alkalizing Reverse Osmosis re-Mineralization FilterpH Alkalizing Reverse Osmosis re-Mineralizatio..


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