M1 - 20 Litre

Clack® Valves and Structural tanks are the brands you can trust. That is why we ensure build quality, client confidence and buyer protection on workmanship on each unit by offering a 5 Year Warranty straight from our production line.

The M1 Clack® Valve 20 litre limescale and calcium treatment system ensures removal of limescale and calcium deposit build up in piping, kettles and all other household related appliances, saving hundreds of euro's a year.

The Aquasoft™ Ireland M1 Clack® valve limescale and calcium treatment system is best suited for the capacity and average daily usage of a five to eight bedroom home (5 to 8 bedroom house) relating to human consumption such as showering, bathing and washing etc. Higher capacity or extreme water usage will affect the softening process in terms of the settings programmed into the unit and it's regeneration cycle, i.e when the unit sucks brine (salt water) in and cleans itself out or uses salt which mixes with the ion exchange resin causing the calcium or limescale beads to fall off or soften your home or work office water supply. 

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The Aquasoft™ Clack® M1 20 Litre Water Treatment Limescale Softener Removal System pr..


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