Reverse Osmosis

Aquasoft™ Ireland supplies NSF® certified Irish Reverse Osmosis Water Filter systems for residential and commercial use. At Aquasoft, we strive for perfection in everything we do, so much that we can customize and tailor any water filtration system to suit your requirements.

Reverse Osmosis Systems in Ireland filter 99.9% of all total dissolved solids in one's drinking water. The level of rejection greatly depends on the quality of the water filtration media used. We supply 5 stage Reverse Osmosis, 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis and custom stage Reverse Osmosis units to suit particular and unusual drinking water setups relative to domestic and commercial drinking water applications.

A reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane is really what differentiates a Reverse Osmosis filtration to say a standard or advanced under-sink water filtration system.

Are they worth it? YES. We think they are. One of the most asked and discussed questions of topic is....does it take all the minerals out of the water?

Well to answer this question directly, I would say that any water filtration system used is a removal of something. In order to take out the bad, unfortunately some of the good comes out as well in terms of mineral content but I wouldn't be hung up on it. Manipulation of Reverse Osmosis water is imperative when filtering one's drinking water and when it's done correctly, a suitable pH can be sustained where lets say the alkalinity and acidity are at an equilibrium or balance and in such cases command a higher pH of 7.5-8.0 pH.

Also a healthy diet maintained from one's food coupled with filtered water are fundamental to any healthy and rigorous lifestyle.

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