Commerical : Reverse Osmosis

Aquasoft® International Ireland is the proud supplier of all Commercial Reverse Osmosis direct feed (no tank required) Business drinking water systems.

Reverse Osmosis direct feed drinking water Reverse Osmosis systems filter 99.9% of all impurities from tap water in a complete water protection package, offering an ultimate filtering process by utilizing up to 3 filters and 3 semi-permeable membrane, keeping your business drinking water clean, pure and filtered.

Our 6 stage Reverse Osmosis filtration systems use NSF® Certified sediment filters 1 micron, sediment 5 micron, carbon block, GAC granular activated carbon filters, post carbon filter cartridges, reverse osmosis semi-permeable membranes.

All our systems are fully customizable and are tailored to your specific needs ensuring delivery of superb drinking water quality every time.

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