RO Replacement Tanks

Aquasoft™ Ireland is proud to introduce our Reverse Osmosis replacement water storage Tanks. We supply stainless steel and plastic RO system tanks which holds an internal bladder that's pre-pressurized for easy and quick tank exchange.

The most popular tanks are 4 gallon (Read description below) stainless steel R/O tanks and should be replaced every 4-5 years based on filter changes every 6-12months or every 6,500-7500 gallons of water passed through the tank.

Why? The tanks Internal bladder naturally builds up slime and bacteria which cannot be cleaned efficiently by normal means. A fresh new Reverse Osmosis tank will keep your Family drinking clean and pure water, without the worry, ensuring optimal hygiene and water filtration.

Gallon Capacity & Size

Tank manufacturers are woefully inconsistent about the sizes they put on under-sink Reverse Osmosis tanks. Two tanks of identical dimensions might be called 4 gallons by one maker and 3.2 by another. There is no clear understanding of what the manufacturer is sizing — the outside of the tank, the maximum amount of water it will hold, or the amount of water it holds under average conditions.

Aquasoft's Reverse Osmosis Tank Test

To remedy this and to provide a meaningful comparison of the two under-sink tanks we sell, we devised our own test of tank capacity. It was carried out (with flawless accuracy) by our Aquasoft engineering team.

We took the two new tanks, rinsed them well, then adjusted the empty tank air pressure in each to an exact 7 psi. We then filled the tanks to exactly 40 psi with water — a likely average full tank pressure for a standard RO unit running on tap water. We then emptied the tanks, caught the water, and measured the amount that came out of each tank. The chart below gives our jaw-dropping results.

PartSize DescriptionApproximate Capacity at 40 PSI
TK1Standard size metal tank - 11.5'' Diameter x 14'' High*2.50 US Gallon (9.46 Litres)
TK2Medium sized white plastic tank - 8.5'' Diamater x 14'' High*1.75 US Gallon (6.62 Litres)

* Note: In the dimensions above, height is measured without a tank valve. For metal tanks, the valve adds about 1.75" to the total height. A plastic tank's valve mounts on the side.

**note: This company has a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to change specifications without notification. For further clarifications please contact us by clicking here

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