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Aquasoft™ Ireland is the proud supplier of all Residential Reverse Osmosis under-sink Family drinking water systems.

Reverse Osmosis under-sink drinking water filtration systems filter 99.9% of all impurities from tap water in a complete water protection package, offering an ultimate filtering process by utilizing up to 5 filters and a semi-permeable membrane, keeping your drinking water clean, pure and filtered.

Our 6 stage Reverse Osmosis filtration systems use NSF® Certified sediment filters 1 micron, sediment 5 micron, carbon block, GAC granular activated carbon filters, post carbon filter cartridges, reverse osmosis semi-permeable membranes and re-mineralization filters to balance pH and boost the alkalinity of your drinking water.

All our systems are fully customizable and are tailored to your specific needs ensuring delivery of superb drinking water quality every time.

Manufacturer Recommended: Filter replacements come in 6 month(LINK) and 12 month sets(LINK). The Quality and safety of your drinking water ultimately boils down to the quality and certification of the filter media used. At Aquasoft™, we use NSF® Certified graded Filter Media, that tests and certifies products to verify they meet public health and safety standards. The risks associated with non-certified manufacturing of filter media are high when plastics, filter media, clay and glues used to form and structure cartridges and candles are not tested by the NSF®, the Water Quality Association® and its surrounding organisations which test and ensure all ingredients used are tested and re-tested for human consumption and absorption for both domestic and commercial drinking water use. 
Safety and Quality of your drinking water media should always be a first as we consume it through our bodies.

Need Installation: We supply, install and service your unit in an all in one package. Contact us for more details on 01- 862 30 40. We carefully place every customer onto our database on a tailored cycle to suit your daily, monthly and yearly needs in order to maximize filter usage and capacity. We will then contact you as a polite reminder for filter replacement when they are due. 

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Reverse Osmosis 5 stage Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis 5 stage Filtration System

The Aquasoft™ Pumped Reverse Osmosis 5 stage under-sink drinking water filtration system offers supe..

300.00€ 335.00€

Reverse Osmosis 6 stage Re-Mineral Filtration System®

Reverse Osmosis 6 stage Re-Mineral Filtration System®

The Aquasoft™ Pumped Reverse Osmosis 6 stage under-sink drinking water filtration system offers supe..

340.00€ 450.00€

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