• Water Block

Aquasoft™ Ireland is proud to introduce the Water Block. WaterBlock is an excess flow, safety shut-off valve. It controls the maximum continuous flow of water that passes through it. Its function is to measure the number of gallons of water that flow through it and if this quantity exceeds your preset value, the Water Block shuts off the flow until you reset it.

If the water flow volume during a continuous run does not exceed the set value, the Water Block automatically resets to zero and is ready to restart a new measurement cycle, which means continuous flow up to the amount you preset into it.

Water Blocks don't require any electrical power. All that is needed is a flow of water to pass through it. Water Blocks are suitable for both hot (70° C) and cold water and is available in 13 gallons.

NOTE: Water Blocks are not suitable for house applications. It is designed for ''point of use aplications'', like in an office, coffee maker, a single device like a toilet, an ice maker, a dishwasher etc.

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Water Block

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