• Ultraviolet (UV) Filter System | 2GPM

The Aquasoft Ultraviolet 2GPM UV disinfection stainless steel water filtration system effectively kills and destroys bacteria, virus, mold and algae instantly on exposure to water.

Product Description

This 2gpm UV filter stainless steel sterilization system with 1/4'' ports either end with 2 pin dual UV bulb adapter is perfect for domestic drinking water applications.

To install:

  • Mount the UV unit inside pump house or where your stop cock or water mains enters your home. Generally rule of thumb, The shorter the pipework to where you connect or tap in to your drinking water faucet, the better. The longer the pipework, the higher risk of bacteria reforming after the UV process. (This naturally happens anyway) TIP: install it as close to your consumption point, as possible.
  • The is an in let and an outlet- you can choose which one you prefer. either suits.
  • Create a bypass from your mains into this unit so on reconnecting up unit the water will flow through the UV first before entering your home or office block.

Included items

  • Stainless Steel UV system with 1/4'' inch ports either end. closed on one end though.
  • Mounting hardware and manual
  • 1 x 2gpm 2 pin dual bulb

UV bulbs - 2gpm protects

  • Pathogenic Bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.).
  • Mould, virus, and algae

Filter reminder service*
It is important to change the filters in your water filter system on a regular basis. We will automatically put your name onto our customer database and we will notify you, so that your water filter system keeps functioning effectively. We offer this service for all drinking water systems, wholehouse & Commercial systems.


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Ultraviolet (UV) Filter System | 2GPM

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