• 1/4'' Inch Self Piercing Saddle Valve

Quick and easy 1/4'' Inch Self Piercing Saddle Valve which clamps around the cold water feed inlet pipe under a sink for quick and easy D.I.Y installation of any Water Filtration System. No Plumbing experience is required to use this product.

  • under-sink self piercing saddle valve 1/4'' Inch outlet threaded D.I.Y plastic fitting.
  • •1/4" Needle Valve self connecting water feed adaptor Ireland.
  • Easy to install on copper piping when installing any water filter kit or purification system
  • Fits on all copper cold water piping for connection with any water filter.
  • Connects cold water feed to under-sink water filter systems, connects fridge freezers and any cold water feed to a quarter inch 1/4'' ldpe pipe work
  • Under-sink self piercing saddle valve 1/4'' Inch D.I.Y fitting is used to connect multiple different water purification systems and can be used with any water filtration system in Ireland and Dublin, including Reverse Osmosis 5 and 6 Stage units and under-sink drinking water filtration systems.
  • This self piercing saddle valve 1/4'' will fit 9mm to 15mm copper piping and comes complete with all parts including a quarter inch 1/4'' pipe insert and olive to re-enforce the line and for immediate and quick installation

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1/4'' Inch Self Piercing Saddle Valve

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