WaterPix® 8 Speed

Highline Massage Shower Head

This gold hand held WaterPix® massage shower head offers 8 pulsating settings delivering high performance with less water, resists clogging and gives a great shower.

  1. Saves water while soaping,
  2. Concentrated - Full power center spray
  3. Regular Pulse - Slow, soothing massage
  4. Turbo Pulse - deep, penetrating massage
  5. Champagne Pulse - refreshing rinse
  6. Outside spray - soft body spray
  7. Champagne rinse - gentlest spray for sensitive areas
  8. Oval Body spray - neck to waist coverage

Colours : Gold

1 Year Warranty®

Minimum water pressure 1.3 bar. Can be connected to all standard shower hoses.

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8 Speed Massage Shower Head - Gold

  • Brand: WaterPik®
  • Product Code: Highline 8
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  • 30.00€