• EcoFIT® | Ps300RO | 5 Stage Filter Pack

The Aquasoft® International Ireland | EcoFIT® SS, 12 Month Reverse Osmosis Quick Fit 5 Stage Filter Set for 5 and 6 stage Q/F Reverse Osmosis Systems

Quick-connect (P-Series)

These quick-fit filter cartridges are easy to change by turning the cartridge slightly anti-clockwise for easy removal and speedy filter change.
Each time you change your filter cartridge, you are replacing a fresh new housing as well.

EcoFIT® Ps300RO Quick-connect 5 Stage filter set Filters 99.9% of Chlorine, lead, fluoride and organic chemicals by enhanced reduction of sand, rust and particles down to 0.09 micron in size and volatile compounds from drinking water for better tasting water. EcoFIT® Quick-connect filters make cartridge replacement super hygienic, easy and FAST without the contact of filter media being exposed to outside germs. In Fact each time you replace our filter, you get a new housing as well which equivalates to a brand new filtering system every time your cartridge is replaced.  There is no need to sanitize or clean your existing filter housing, its done for you!  No mess, No Fuss, Just remove the old and install the new in 5 seconds....

The set contains Aquasoft® International Ireland EcoFIT® Quick Fit, Eco change cartridges:
  • EcoFIT® - P8 - Pre-filter - 5 micron sediment*
  • EcoFIT® - P6 - Carbon Filter - GAC* 
  • EcoFIT® - P9 - 1 micron sediment filter*
  • EcoFIT® - ECO5 Post Carbon Filter. GAC Filter*
  • Aquapro® - 50gpd membrane (The best quality membranes on the market) *

Replacing your water filters
The filters are sold individually or as a set. Filters should be replaced every six months (manufacturer recommended) to keep your water filter functioning effectively. Varying geographical locations in relation to hardness levels impacts greatly the longevity of filter media expiring or ultimately blocking up. As an Aquasoft® International customer, we will select and ensure placement on a tailored filter cycle based on area, manufacturer recommendation and on our experience in this field. 

At Aquasoft® International Ireland, we supply highest quality certified brands (NSF® certified and the Water Quality Association®) offering the best quality and safety in drinking Water Filtration. Aquasoft® uses trusted brands like Dow® Filmtec membranes, Everpure®, Doulton®, Aquapro® and John Guest® when supplying, installing and servicing water filtration systems.  Cheap non-certified filtration media does not mean, I got a great deal. The risks associated with non-certified manufacturing of filter media are high when plastics, filter media, clay and glues used to form and structure cartridges and candles are not tested by the NSF®, the Water Quality Association® and its surrounding organizations which test and ensure all ingredients used are tested and re-tested for human consumption and absorption for both domestic and commercial drinking water use. Safety and Quality of your drinking water media should always be a first as we consume it through our bodies.

Filter reminder service*
It is important to change the filters in your water filter system on a regular basis. We will automatically put your name onto our customer database and we will notify you, so that your water filter system keeps functioning effectively. We offer this service for all drinking water systems, wholehouse & Commercial systems.


Products purchased through www.aquasoft.ie have an extended 3 year warranty for intermittent or factory defects which can occur from time to time due to human error. This extension is valid within 30 days of receipt of purchase through serial number and product registration form via Product Registration portal.

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EcoFIT® | Ps300RO | 5 Stage Filter Pack

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